Wax and Wane

by Lesley Hayes, on a yacht in Bequia, Caribbean Sea | July 15, 2016
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I used to be a huge fan of The Smiths, and Morrissey especially. I was at that age where I thought he was speaking directly to me and understood my soul.  Yep, puberty! It was never a sexual attraction, more a meeting of minds. (I was a precocious pubescent) I did love his look though. The charity shop shabby chicness with a touch of old mannishness about it. The cardigans, old tweedy jackets and vintage shirts jut thrown together. I was particularly enamoured with his quiff, to the extent that at one stage I tried to emulate it myself.

The trick to the quiff was a good styling wax.  Back in the day it had to be Dax Wax. Dax Wave and Groom Hair Dress to be precise.  The tin had the retro look that was appealing, smelled great and I had heard a rumour that it was the wax that the God of Melancholy used himself. I grew up near Manchester so was privy to lots of rumours about Morrissey; in my mature years I realise that most of them probably weren’t true.

The only problem with Dax was that it was a bugger to wash out.  It resisted the most vigorous of shampooing’s. It even laughed in the face of Vosene, a particularly toxic, medicated shampoo in the UK which was popular with dads in the ‘80s. Of course a lot has changed since then.  I am no longer pubescent, my hair is long, Morrissey has become a bit of an idiot and there are so many hair waxes available now you don’t have to stick with one that you can’t wash out.  Just made myself laugh, because you were literally stuck with it!

A wax will give your hair a touch of shine and good pliability. It doesn’t dry like a gel does so you can mould your style throughout the day.  Keep it neat for a day in the office and then raise your expectations for the evening.  One ace product is Jack Black Wax Pomade. It has a high shine finish and has good hold. Even better, it washes out well and leaves your hair in good condition.  Or Kiehl’s Stylist Series Creative Cream Wax which has serious hold and also natural botanical extracts and silk powders which condition your hair whilst you are wearing it. Avoid the cheaper waxes as these are the ones more likely to make your hair feel greasy and leave a residue after washing.

Despite the choice of good quality waxes and pomades available now for the discerning gentleman, Dax Wax is still going strong, and so is Morrissey. He’s announced he’s going to perform in Manchester in August. I won’t be there.  It’s a long way from the Caribbean and I prefer to remember him as he was, when I was young and naive. Going to dig out The Queen is Dead now for a nostalgia fix.

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