A Watch for all Seasons – The Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium

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by IPY , Split, Croatia | July 22, 2016

Not all watches are created equal and the Tissot T-Touch, now in its fourth regeneration since bursting out of the Swiss Tissot plant in 2000 is far above many other watches in the same price range. Traditionalists may argue against the quartz movement instead of a mechanical, but if you look past this and can get over your watch snobbery you will find a watch that you can wear for any occasion and in all weathers.
The good looks of the Tissot are complemented by a crystal touch screen to access the eclectic mix of features built in to the watch face. Around the dial are six functions that can be accessed by touching their name with the tip of your finger. To avoid accidental touches you need to press a button on the side, marked T for easy recognition, which is placed where on a normal watch the crown would be found. After pressing the T button you have around 5 or 6 seconds to access the touch screen before it goes back into standby mode.
The six features of the T-Touch are; Compass, Barometer (Meteo), Temperature (Thermo), Altimeter, Alarm and Stopwatch (Chrono). Each of the features works well and keeps your restless fingers busy as you play around with the watch when you feel a little restless at your next board meeting.
The compass has been updated since the first generation T-Touch and the digital display now shows the bearings in degrees that reflect the watch hands which have turned into a compass arrow. When you move on to the Thermometer it is advised to remove the watch from your wrist to avoid your body temperature causing erratic readings, but this is the same for all watch based thermometers so no real problem or surprises there. The Barometer function is useful and is linked to the Altimeter function. This makes the altimeter accurate as long as you set it to your starting altitude before starting out on your expedition…or your trip to the local supermarket. This is easy to do and only takes a few seconds.
The alarm and stopwatch don’t really need any explanation but the alarm is quite loud and can be heard even from a bedside table to ensure you don’t miss that last minute bus for work.
I prefer the Arabic numerals on the face but there is an option to have a diamond symbol in place of these. Personally I find this makes it a little difficult to glance at the watch for a quick time check but maybe I just need become accustomed to that, which is difficult in a few minutes at the watch store. With regard to visibility the hands and hour markers have a bright green glow in poor light which lasts a good hour or so after dark and the digital display, which used to glow with a green backlight, now has a night vision saving red glow. Much better if you like the tactical look.
In short the Tissot-Touch Expert Titanium is a great watch for everyday use. The titanium band and case stands up well to everyday wear and tear and with a 100M waterproof rating it will stand up to anything you can throw at it.

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