The Vaping Trend Among Guys – The Intricacies, Benefits and Cons of the Vaping Lifestyle

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by Mark Greene, | October 7, 2016

In the past few years more and more men have started to replace smoking with vaping. But is this a good idea, does Vaping deserve to be a trend and more importantly, does it affect your health in any way. Studies are contradicting one another nowadays, so what we can do is focus on the personal experience of people that already see vaping as a great way of life. You do have to wonder, can this replace the regular whiskey and cigar experience?

Vaping pros

Maybe the best, major benefit of vaping is that it allows you to reduce the tobacco exposure. In fact, tobacco is known to bring many health risks and that’s why you should try all you can in order to replace it. Since vaping requires a special type of fluid, you’re not relying on tobacco anymore and you’ll still have almost the same experience as smoking.

Moreover, with vaping you get to eliminate the unpleasant tobacco smell. You don’t like it and your loved ones don’t like it either. That’s why getting rid of it will be a lot more pleasant and in the end results will be a lot more rewarding. Since the fluid you inhale is basically colorless, you don’t even stain your fingers or teeth. It’s a very efficient solution in this regard.

Plus, you have a ton of vaping liquids to choose from. You are not limited to a single type of liquid. You have dozens upon dozens of vaping liquid varieties and tastes, so you are free to choose the one you like.

Vaping cons

Unfortunately, there are some downsides with regards to vaping as well. First, there are no clear regulations in regards to e-cigarettes and because of that you can enter in some legal trouble if you get caught buying or selling these.

Moreover, vaping is not a solution if you want to quit smoking. It will just replace the old habit with something else, that’s it. There have been some e-cigarette batteries that have exploded while being used, so this type of problems can indeed appear. On top of that, even e-cigarettes can be prone to bringing health problems.

Lastly, one of the main problems with vaping is that there are many fakes on the market. While it might not trouble you at first, there will come a point where distinguishing a fake from the real deal can be very hard to do. Obviously, this will bring a lot of frustration into the mix and that’s the last thing you want to have.


So, should you start vaping or not?

It depends on what you want. Vaping is healthier than regular smoking but it still comes with some health risks, and that’s understandable. On the other hand, it’s not going to eliminate your smoking addiction, but it will enable you to use vaping juices that come in different flavors. Basically, your smoking experience can be different and more interesting. It’s a very interesting option for people that are tired of traditional smoking and want to try out something new.


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Mark Greene is a grooming and men’s lifestyle professional specialized in helping men from all over the world find solutions to their day to day problems. He writes about grooming, lifestyle and interesting manly things. His goal is to improve and upgrade men’s lives to the next level.

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