Trefecta’s Ultimate Off-Road Electric Bike

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by Ian Yates, Greece | February 7, 2017

The DRT Off-Road Unlimited looks mean; it wouldn’t look out of place being ridden by a reincarnated T-1000 terminator in the next instalment of the movie franchise. The rugged angular lines of its 20” aluminium 7075 frame exudes an air of menace and displays a contempt to the regular look and feel of the electric bikes you may have seen in the past.

The DRT Off-Road not only looks like it would withstand a direct hit from a cruise missile, it rides like a missile too with a top speed of 70km/h with pedal assist and a cruise speed of 55km/h. These speeds need some serious brakes to stop you in a hurry and with the floating and ventilated 203mm disc brakes coupled with bespoke Evo Tech V3 levers and V4 callipers from Hope you won’t need to bail from this bike in a hurry. Rough terrain is what the DRT was made for and the 180mm upside down forks soak up the bumps and crunches of whatever ground you are travelling over whilst the carbon fibre wheels are virtually indestructible.

It’s not all about the off-road and the DRT looks and performs just as good on tarmac and cycle-paths. For some countries you may need to purchase the optional road legal Urban Pack which includes mirrors, lights, rear fender and license plate holder to ensure you stay on the right side of the law and will make the DRT an excellent commuter bike wherever you may live. You can also customise your DRT to your specifications with a choice of two frame sizes (20” or 18”), 6 colours, 3 tyre options and a myriad of seat, stem, pedal and grips to choose from. You can also purchase extra batteries and chargers but with a range of 55km under trail conditions you should have plenty of juice left for your return home. It also has to be noted that the Trefecta range of bikes use regenerative braking as found in hybrid and electric cars to help recharge the battery and top up the range…technology working at its best.

The suspension can be adjusted to your comfort with the inspired Trailtronic electronically controlled system and the 14 speed gearbox with electronic gear shifting ensures that even when pedalling you will not have to struggle too hard on those hills and ramps.

Weighing in at 37Kg the Trefecta is not the lightest of bikes, but it is light compared to its peers in the electric bike world and to be honest nothing else comes close to its off-road performance and looks. It is also a truly SMART bike with an included waterproof smartphone dock integrated into the frame that will link your device into the electronic management system of the DRT and give you instant feedback of the systems within the bike, such as torque control and an interestingly called ‘wheelie mode’ function. This mode allows the DRT to select the maximum angle for a wheelie for when you want to turn heads and show off just a little…grins are compulsory for this function!

A great feature of the DRT and the range of Trefecta bikes is the ability to fold the bike up and fit it into a bespoke flight case for travel. The rugged case is designed not just for ease of portability but will allow the not so gentle handling we come to expect from airlines, of your precious DRT and accessories along with helmet and a stash of gear.

To see more of the DRT Off-Road or to check out the other bikes in the Trefecta range (some of which have a massive 100km range) go to

Trefecta Technology Animation from Trefecta Mobility on Vimeo.

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