I Have Seen The Future…And It’s Electric!

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by Ian Yates, Greece | October 14, 2016

The Tesla Model X is a car made for the future that is available today. With its stunning falcon wing doors open it looks like it could be a vehicle that is able to perform time travel in an updated ‘Back To The Future’ movie, but this electric SUV doesn’t need the 1.21 Gigawatts of electric power to get where it is going. Instead it just requires a wall charger and a suitable socket.

The Model X, once fully charged, will give the seven occupants (yes you read that right…seven people can fit comfortably in the Model X) up to 289 miles of emission free driving. If you use one of the 719 supercharger stations that can be found in Western Europe (as of Oct 2016) you can cover this distance for free. Again, you read that right; it’s free to charge the 100KWh battery at the Tesla Supercharge stations and a full charge will take around 30 minutes. Just enough time to grab a bite to eat, enjoy a coffee and use the rest-room.

Even if you don’t manage to use the free charging facilities you can use the Tesla home charger, available in 48 amp or 72 amp capacities to fully charge your Model X in 9 hours and 6 hours respectively. What you pay in electric prices will be more than compensated by the comparable savings at the petrol pump.

But what is it like to drive?

Well put it this way, the Model X can achieve 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds through its all wheel drive, and the center of gravity is low thanks to the battery packs being placed in the floor. This provides a perfect weight distribution and keeps the car stable in tight corners and the hairpin bends that you will want to throw it around. The fact it has no engine as such means that the front compartment and rear boot space can be used for storage and if that wasn’t enough for you, the Model X is the first electric vehicle that can tow up to 5,000 lbs (2268 Kg).


With six passengers you may feel that the driver could get easily distracted, but the boffins at Tesla have thought of that problem; all of their cars offer an Autopilot feature. The car is constantly scanning its surroundings with active sensors (cameras, radar and sonar) which combined with its superb GPS positioning feature ensures that you will not drift lanes or accidently run into the back of other cars due to the cars automatic braking and steering assistance at crucial times. The Model X can also park itself and can even search for suitable parking spaces…to top it all off and really provide the icing on the cake, you can use the bespoke Tesla App with your phone and have your car waiting for you at the door of your house whenever you need it.

Of course this all comes with a price tag attached, but when you factor in the cheaper running costs associated with an all-electric vehicle, the zero tax in many countries and the free supercharger installations for longer distance driving, then the $85,000 / €76,500 / £69,000, doesn’t seem all that expensive.

The future has arrived and its gonna be electrifying!


Check out the whole of the Tesla range at www.Tesla.com which includes the highly anticipated and affordable ($35,000) Model 3.

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