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by Ian Yates, Greece | June 26, 2017

Ron Vogler has a look that distinguishes him from his peers; he manages to exude a relaxed, traditional feel that couples well with the modern world in which we live. You may have seen his face across the web and peering out from billboards without knowing who he is…so we are pleased at UptownGentlemen to shout out his name and share his story with you because, as Fabricio Jantarada CEO of UptownGentlemen states, we feel he epitomises what everyone at the site are all about; style, elegance and a confidence in everything he does.

Born in 1980 in East Berlin, Ron spent the first ten years of his life in the last ten years of the life of the DDR. Notwithstanding the obvious hardships of that era, Ron still has fond memories of his time growing up, especially the way it felt like the whole city would gather for a picnic in the park for the May 1st celebration. He also remembers the huge military parades with ‘..the NVA, the army with those huge tanks and the marching soldiers.’ Ron also mentions going to his military school in Pioneer uniform and ‘…everywhere on the floors and classrooms there were huge framed pictures of Erich Honecker, the president.’

Obviously he also recalls some of the harder times; his father had to queue to get a banana for him and before it was released across the counter it had to be signed for.

Ron shudders when he thinks of his fashion sense in those first few early years,

‘My fashion style was terrible. I would wear sandals, I hate sandals. I will never forget I wore sandals with white socks.’

It is such a shame that there is no photographic evidence of his early life and the first time he had his picture taken was long after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He says it is because of this fact that he loves to take part in photo-shoots now.


As a member of the security staff at Frankfurt Airport, Ron didn’t really think seriously about a modelling career until a chance encounter with Wolfgang Joop whilst he was travelling through the airport. Taking the opportunity to talk with ‘…one of the best and stylish men he has met,’ Ron and Wolfgang chatted about modelling and New York before grabbing a quick photo together. The very next day, Ron wrote to a Frankfurt modelling agency and was soon snapped up for an exciting photo-shoot for one of the top German clothing brands, Lederwerk – Frankfurt.

He freely admits to feeling a little nervous about his first professional photo-shoot,

‘The shoot location was in a barber shop in Frankfurt with the owner of Lederwerk – Frankfurt, Heiko Wittek who is also a model and a photographer. He was very kind and gentle with me and at that point I fell in love with modelling.’

Whatever Heiko may have said to Ron during those few hours has certainly come across well in the pictures that have been used to promote the Lederwerk brand of clothing. The vintage look comes across well and Ron appears a natural in front of the camera.

His modelling agency has also helped Ron in his career and he is happy to say that the team at have made him feel like a part of one big family.

It is still early in his career and Ron has his feet firmly planted on the ground. Even with his face becoming more recognisable and reaching larger audiences all around the world he still works at Frankfurt Airport, a job he has been doing for 15 years ,and still loves, because it gives him the chance to meet new people every day. He has a passion for travel and with his new career taking off he loves the chance to see new places, especially the cities synonymous with fashion and style, but most of all he loves to keep things simple and enjoy life. This could be listening to great music, spend time with his girlfriend, taking a relaxing vacation or simply just walking his dog, Ron truly is one of the most grounded and charming gentleman I have spoken to.

Ron Vogler, remember that name, remember that face and remember the style…could he be the man to rival Allesandro Manfredini in the bearded model stakes?

If his last modelling assignment is anything to go by, then that is a resounding yes.



Photo credits: Lederwerk – Frankfurt

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