New Unlikely Style Icons

Life Style
by Kevin Michael Boyle, Scotland | August 24, 2016

Rami Malek

Rami Malek isn’t exactly a style icon himself, but by extension. It’s his character Elliot, from USA’s Mr Robot whose look we all try to imitate. Mr Robot, now in its second season, is a show that has become so hyped around the world that it can’t have escaped your notice. Malek’s face is everywhere, from billboards, to bus stops, (in fact I counted three bus stops in a row that have his big, intense eyes staring back at me on my way home). His relatively simple style is catching on too. In a recent interview, Malek gave an example of when he went to a hairdresser’s, and the woman cutting his hair told him about the huge number of guys that come in asking for his haircut. The net time you go out, spot the many black hoodie wearing young men with their hoods up, and you will know that Mr Robot as affected them.


John Boyega

Best known for playing the AWOL Stormtrooper Finn, in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, there’s one thing that John Boyega has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, the man can wear a crushed velvet suit. Preferring metallic blue, or purple, blazers, and what has become a signature black bowtie, Mr Boyega is the best dressed Stormtrooper we’ve ever seen. He’s also friends with Harrison Ford, man’s got style.

The Gang from Big Bang Theory

While the show has treated them like the lowest of the low, socially speaking, the gang from The Big Bang Theory, have unwittingly become style icons, except Howard, only hardcore people go for Howard’s Scooby Doo extra wardrobe. Look in your wardrobe and tell me how many comic book t-shirts you have, I’ve got at least two, and I don’t even wear t-shirts, still got them. In fact this geeky style, Sheldon’s especially, has not just had a ripple effect in the real world, even characters from other shows dress like him: Sheldon wears The Flash t-shirt on his show, and Cisco Ramon wears a Bazinga t-shirt on The Flash, coincidence?

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