Mourah’s latest album, Kardia.

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by Paul Duvoisin, Switzerland | March 1, 2017

What does the heart contain?

This is the question Mourah addresses in his latest album Kardia. Along the ten tracks of the opus, one might answer that his hosts a world as sensitive and subtle as strikingly varied musically. His heart beats for many genres like electro and soul but also pop or alternative rock, not without revealing a certain sense of lyricism expressed in airy flights of vocals.

His heart seeks freedom: a well-balanced blend of styles allows him to avoid labelling or genre classification. Artists should not fear or follow trends, nor the expectations of the critics. This makes all the more sense in times of shifting habits of music consumers. They tend to purchase songs individually to the detriment of a complete track list. Expressed in that eclectic display, Mourah’s freedom leads to a matter worth debate: does the album format, as a continuous and homogenous artistic concept, still make sense in today’s music business?

That being said, Kardia is by no means devoid of unity. Mourah delivers a crystalline and profound, fragile yet powerful voice as the main thread. His inspired performance and creative use of field recordings takes us to the streets of Oporto, Bangkok, Mumbai, Geneva and New York in a captivating journey. As a reminder of the heart beat, the drum section embodies the rhythm of life and the perpetual movement that defines it. Also, the much present chamber orchestra helps sublimate the electro-orientated production.

Kardia (“heart” in Greek) speaks to listeners who picture themselves as citizens of the world similar to author-composer Mourah, who was born in Portugal and raised in Switzerland. It speaks to those who use the world’s diversity as an inspiration in a quest of oneself through others. The production of the album itself is just as global: the recording sessions took place in Lisbon, Bienne and Skopje with the mixing held in Lausanne. The heart can bear a form of universal love as a way of healing the wounds inflicted by life. Arguably, this could be the final message of an album that grows on you and opens up to the category of classics.


Mourah’s talent was ackwnowledged with a Swiss Live Talents Award in November 2015. The album Kardia also got 4 nominations at the IPMA Awards 2016 held in NY.

Watch the two singles here: Streams and Icarus 101.

Available everywhere under German label Mole / Listening Pearls. In CD, VINYL and DIGITAL format.

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