Let’s Do Oral

by Lesley Hayes, on a yacht in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines | July 18, 2016
Close up of a young man with red rose in his mouth.

Sometimes it is the small things that are important, and I’m talking about attention to detail here, not the content of your trousers! So you’re dressed to thrill, the hair is perfect, you are sweetly perfumed, everything that needs to be trimmed has been trimmed. You are fancying your chances tonight. One last look in the mirror. How is any woman, or man, going to resist you? But, if you are hoping that the climax of the evening is going to involve a bit of mouth on mouth action, then have you made sure yourMouthwash is truly kissable?

We have all been there. Well, I have. I remember one occasion where there had been some gentle flirting, followed by some not so gentle flirting, followed by some definite hard core flirting. And he was handsome, and smart, and funny. The evening was getting exciting. I was getting excited.  Then he went in for the kill. His lips slowly moved towards mine, slightly parted. I lifted my chin up ready to meet his lips. And then I recoiled. Bad breath!

Bad breath is caused by many things. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, too much coffee, rich foods, but it can also be easily remedied. Ok, so I’m assuming you have covered the basics and have brushed and flossed your teeth. You have, right? Good start. Well, what about mouthwash? Mouthwash can help to keep your mouth smelling and tasting sweet longer by rinsing away food particles missed by brushing and flossing, and by killing odour producing germs. Sounds pretty horrible doesn’t it? Have a good rinse before you leave the house.  Spit or swallow. Then pop a travel sized bottle in your pocket for crucial moments, and maybe for the morning after.aesop-online-personal-care-mouthwash-500ml-c

Chose an alcohol free mouthwash because alcohol will dry your mouth out and who wants to get too close to a wrinkly tongue? Aesop’s Mouthwash Bain De Bouche is a winner! With hints of aniseed and spearmint it will leave your smooch hole feeling fresh, cool and tingly.  It doesn’t have that overly medicinal taste and smell that a lot of the brands found on the high street have. It’s much subtler.  It is the mouthwash for the discerning gentleman. Aesop also produce a travel sized bottle as part of their travel kits. Perfect!

So not you really are ready to charm your audience and if you want my opinion, then a sweet smelling mouth shows you pay attention to detail and take care of yourself, everywhere. Let’s face it, a kiss may lead to something more, if you’re lucky. If I don’t want to kiss your mouth, then that mouth is going no-where else!  But if you have been using’s Aesop’s Bain de Bouche then I’m certainly interested in whether your mouth is going to leave me feeling tingly too!

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