Harry Styles: Ways in which he Redefines the Style Quotient

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by Neha Shukla, India | February 25, 2017
Harry Styles_Face

The ‘One Direction’ star Harry Styles has not just nailed it with his singing skills, but has even nailed the industry with his incredible style statement. Whether his appearance is criticized by the fashion connoisseurs or is appreciated by all, you just can’t ignore this talented heartthrob. This style icon has his own fashion quotient. He never coordinates his clothing with the band members and generally goes for Saint Laurent or Burberry. Whether he is spotted sweeping the red carpet with his oversized trench coat or posing with the fans in a simple tee and jeans, he never fails to give some serious fashion goals to the onlookers.

Are you a fan of this handsome hunk? The write-up brings forth some of the ways in which he nailed his personal without following the trends and shifted the gears of fashion in his own style. Have a look.





Nailed the dress shirt

When every other celebrity sticks to their tux look, Harry gets away just fine with the floral prints and wild. It is the way he pairs the ensemble that does the magic for him. You’ll either see him in the floral print from head to toe or the printed shirt paired with solid color. Hitting the right combination is the key to have an effective overall look.

Harry Styles_SuitSteals the show with his hairstyle

Hair is not just the crowning glory for women, but for men as well. Moreover, styling your hair in a way that suits your personality is one way to turn heads. No matter which hairstyle he dons, there’s just way to describe it, “Harry’s new hairstyle is better than the last one.” Turns out, he is engineered to look handsome either way. This is definitely a styling hack for every man around. Do not follow the herd blindly, just get the hairstyle that suits your personality as well as your look. Keep the natural texture of the strands unaltered and go for the hairdo that makes you feel good about it. Use your hands like combs and keep pushing them back. Or else you can even go for bandanas and headbands to keep the strands in the right place.

The Layers

Layering the attire appropriately is the biggest fashion quotient that you can steal from Styles. You would barely see him in a shirt all by itself. At the same time, he is usually not seen in a tuxedo. He just matches the laid back look with the suit in a proper way. Invest in some sleek styles of jackets and suits instead of the bulky ones. Just go for the right color combination and keep it subtle.

Accessorizes like a pro

Right from the shoes to his signature headband, he accessorizes the attire like a pro. The skill of pulling off even the simplest attire like a fashionista is one style hack all the fashion oriented laborers around. It is just the formal look that requires the right ensemble, you need to find the right set of accessories even on the casual occasion. Despite his laid back appeal, you’ll never see him in sassy or bedazzling jewelry. Invest in stylish, but sophisticated pieces like the shoes of Jimmy Choo or Burberry bags. Even the accessories should complement your attire and match the occasion.

Harry is mostly spotted with at least four of his shirt’s button undone. However, he has never been his nailing a stubble look or flaunting his physique. It is the boyish charm that works well for him and he need not do anything else to set a statement. He once quoted “I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am”. This, in fact, is a very important fashion lesson from the young man. Just be who you are and the world will surely adorn.

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