Get Healthier, Thicker Hair with Hair Care Advice from the Pro’s

by Ian Yates, Greece | July 21, 2016
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We would like thicker, healthier hair whatever age we are. For some it is a dream of the past and the only luxurious hair found still growing rampantly seems to be from the nose or ears. For those who still have the luxury of a full head of hair why not take a look at these 5 great tips from some of the world’s top professional stylists and hairdressers. This advice may also help to thicken your hair if it starting to thin out a little, after all, every little helps right?

  1. Throw away your comb – to avoid a limp, flat finish to your hair tussle it through your fingers. This can help create texture and volume and avoid that limb combed flat look.
  1. Take it easy, be gentle – After your shower your hair is fragile. In fact, wet hair is three times easier to damage than dry hair, so stop rubbing your hair like you are trying to dry a wet dog before it shakes and start patting your bonce gently to remove the excess water. When you have dried it this way and got a level of dampness that you can only just feel, use your fingers to flick and rub softly the hair to dry further and add extra volume. Volume again right? Volume is the aim of every stylist and helps your lovely locks look greater than any product can achieve.
  1. Ban the gel – Hair gels flatten and can make it look a little, well anorexic. Thicken your hair and give it a lighter, fluffy look by using mousse. Rubbing in mousse gently with your fingers helps to attain root lift and give your hair, you’ve guessed it, that all important volume and lift you want.
  1. Keep it clean – Washing your hair regularly avoids build up of oils and greases that will make your hair flatter than the greens of Augusta. Try a regular use shampoo that is easier on the hair and massage it into your scalp. If your hair is slightly longer then consider the occasional use of a conditioner to ensure your mane is kept in tip-top condition. One big tip when washing is to ensure the water is not too hot as this damages the hair and dries out your scalp; a proven way to increase hair loss.
  1. Put the tobacco down and step away from the cigarettes – Smoking causes hair loss, a not so startling statement from the Harvard School of Public Health in the USA. According to their experts it causes the restriction of blood to the follicles causing premature hair loss.

So there you have it, 5 easy tips that will not take any more time out of your daily routine and that should keep your hair in top shape. Make every day a ‘Happy Hair Day’.

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