Five Classy Cars That Define Uptown

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by Giles Kirkland, United Kingdom | May 4, 2017

Climb into the latest family–orientated car or 4X4 behemoth and it feels functional; step behind the wheel of a classic car and it instantly just feels right. Like a tailored casual jacket or worn Levi’s, a classic car fits snuggly and makes you feel great whatever else is going on, and they are always in demand.

Part of the appeal of classic cars – apart from their obvious investment potential – is their sheer drivability. Stripped of the niceties that define our increasingly innoxious and plain vehicles, classic cars make the driving experience something to be enjoyed. Classic cars now cover a huge range of vehicles that either your dad or grandad thought of as new in their day – and probably remarkably mundane at the time – and you don’t have to spend eye-watering amounts to have a car that is a head turner uptown. Iconic motors of this ilk include

The Jaguar Mk2

Built between 1959 and 1987, the Mk2 conjures up images of TV’s Inspector Morse, and is still surprisingly accessible. The good news is that there are still plenty of spares around and some parts are now made brand new by specialist companies if your version needs a little bit of doing up. Get ‘em while they’re hot!!!

Jensen Interceptor III

With 6.3 litres of grunt under a huge bonnet, the Jensen recently caught the attention of petrol heads following an appearance in the Fast & Furious film franchise. A bit more difficult to find but certainly worth it if you do!

MG Midget

Take your pick with age – Midgets appeared as different ‘Marks’ between 1961 and 1980 – this classic British sports car evokes top-down summer driving and despite its lower performance compared to some of its peers, the Midget will always be a head turner.

Bentley Speed Six

Pretty difficult to find but worth every penny if you do, the iconic Bentley was powered by a six cylinder, six and a half litre engine that thrust it to victory twice at Le Man. With an astonishing 180bhp, the Bentley has the power to still be relevant today.

Aston Martin DB5

Now, we’re talking classic cars; available as a hard top or fairly rare soft top, if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for anyone!! With prices approaching half a million pounds for exceptional examples it’s not cheap, but just imagine yourself at the wheel…..there, that’s worth the cost.

It’s true that a classic car, like a purebred horse, will always require from us a special attention. Selecting the right tyres, replacing the engine, or even changing the upholstery, will bring us much more stress than it would if we had a regular Fiat. In return, however, our vehicle will reward us with exhilarating experiences.

While all of these are British there are plenty of Continental and American makes that fit the same mold and by looking around you can find a classic to suit any mood and pocket.


Giles Kirkland is a car tyres expert at Oponeo, as well as a motorization fan and a committed writer. He especially enjoys reading and writing about vintage cars.

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