Feel the force of nature with Garogosi Jewellery

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by Ian Yates, Greece | April 11, 2017

When you first set eyes upon the unique jewellery of Garogosi you will marvel at the intricate designs, the natural curves and delicate etchings on the surfaces that seem ancient and almost alien in their designs. It is only when you find out that each piece is moulded from the surface of a glacier and is made in strictly controlled limited editions that you begin to appreciate the expertise, care and thought that has gone into the production of each and every piece from the master craftsmen at Garogosi Jewellery.

I mean, this is not an ordinary jewellery company. Garogosi are unique in the way they make their jewellery; for instance, the first thing they do before starting any work is they check the weather. If they have a clear weather window then their work can begin, which starts by them packing up their gear and specialist mould making equipment for the trip up into the French Alps and specifically, either the Glacier Des Bossons or the Mer De Glace (The Sea of Ice). When a suitable site is found or has been specified by someone undertaking a commission, the GPS co-ordinates are taken and the mould is placed into the glacier to set and create the unique shape as formed by the living ice flow. After 24 hours of camping out on or nearby the glacier the mould is carefully removed causing no damage to the glacier, and the intricate fingerprint of the glacier is removed for the real work back at the studio. The mould is used to make a cast for your item of jewellery and only 50 items are produced from each mould.

From rings, to necklaces, cuffs to bracelets, each piece is lovingly created to ensure that the minute unique deviations of the glacier’s surface are lovingly and accurately reproduced just for you.

The manner in which the Garogosi designers manage to capture the symbiotic relationship of the powerful glacial environment with that of its beauty in their jewellery is what makes the company so special. Knowing that each piece is hand crafted on site in Chamonix and in their studio in London is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle that makes up this exquisite company.


The stunning Glacier Drawing Ring from the Glacier Des Bossons collection is a masterpiece in design and style. The ring looks almost to be a living part of the glacier’s surface with droplets and coronas of the glacial ice forming and drifting out from the main body of the ring itself. It is truly a unique design and as much a piece of jewellery as it is a work of art. When you wear a piece of Garogosi jewellery you are wearing a conversation piece that will turn heads and the background story of the crafting process is as much a part of its history as the item itself.

For more information on the range of exciting jewellery and to keep up to date with upcoming news, events and offers you can explore their website at http://www.garogosi.com/ or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/GAROGOSI which also includes videos and more information on how they create their range.

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