Explore the Soothing and Haunting Music of Sanam

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by Walter Müller, Switzerland | March 16, 2017

I came across Sanam quite by accident when browsing YouTube and I am so glad I stumbled across their music. For those of us living outside of the Indian sub continent the group may not have registered on our web searches but with around 300 million views of their range of music videos and interviews on their channel, they are certainly one of the most watched independent YouTube artists to come out of India.

The band is made up of four friends based out of Mumbai; Sanam Puri – Vocals, Samar Puri – Guitars, Venky S – Bass and Keshav Dhanraj – Drums. With Sanam – the band, they have created a style that transcends the borders of age that usually defines music and their fans come from all age groups. It has been quoted that they appeal to the three generations of grandparent, parent and child, which creates a wonderful atmosphere at their sell out concerts. The music they produce is not just sung in their native language and they have released songs that feature lyrics in Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu and Gujarati.

When you listen to their music it is easy to pick out a western influence in some areas which grabs you, and the single that grabbed me was ‘Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi’.

It would appear I am not alone as it has received over 21 million hits on YouTube since its release, but their most watched video is a cover of ‘Gulabi Aankhen’ from the 1970 movie, The Train. Their updated version and slick video on this classic mega-hit was shot in the Maldives and the location coupled with the stylish composition really sets it up as a must-watch.

In 2014 Sanam Puri received a phone call from Sony Music asking him to create a song for the movie, Amazing Spiderman 2. When he asked them how urgently they need it he was told it was required in ‘…a day or two.’ He immediately sat down and produced the excellent ‘Main Hoon’ in one night and gave it to the producers the very next morning. It got instant approval from the executives at Sony Music and Sony Pictures for him and the band to record as the main promotional song for the movies multi-language release across the continent. Whilst this was a major achievement for Sanam it is the popularity of their music on social media that fuels their success across the globe and has elevated them into the fastest growing and highest watched independent music channel on YouTube from India with over 500,000 views on a daily basis according to the analytics gurus at YouTube.

The future for Sanam looks bright and they have been referred to as India’s One Direction mainly due to their meteoric rise so quickly and their huge fan base that is starting to break international barriers. It also helps that the band members are extremely photogenic in that down to earth way that will see them appear on posters on bedroom walls from Mumbai to Manhattan.

If you want to find out more on Sanam you can do a quick search on YouTube or visit their official page at www.reverbnation.com/SANAMOfficial where you can find music downloads, videos and information on upcoming releases and live shows from this band that I am sure will have you wanting to listen to ‘..just one more song’, as I did.

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