Embracing the Smart Charm: Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium

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by Thomas Raynott, UK | June 8, 2017

Credits: Bulgari.com

I’ve always loved traditional watches with their breathtaking history and sophisticated mechanics. But I’m also a tech enthusiast and right now I’m really fascinated with the exploding world of wearable devices.

Until recently, smartwatches never really caught my eye. I wouldn’t want to exchange my classy watch for a smartphone-like device. That’s not what wearable tech should be about, I believe. Smartwatches leave a lot to be desired in terms of aesthetics – even if they come from design-driven companies like Apple. Most smartwatches have bulky castings and uncomfortable digital displays. On the other hand, watches equipped with mere activity trackers aren’t smart enough for my taste.

I practically gave up on smartwatches until I spotted one of my friends wearing Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium on his wrist. He was lucky to get it as a retirement gift from his kids. I admire the piece every time I see it.

That’s why I decided to dig into the matter and find out how smart that watch actually is. As it turns out, Diagono Magnesium is a perfect combination of 21st century tech with watchmaking tradition. The name Diagono refers to the Ancient Greek word ‘agôn’, a term that means ‘competition’. And no wonder, the Diagono Magnesium Chronograph can definitely compete with both traditional watches and smartwatches.

Its bold look and high-tech materials make it a real catch. It’s made of the light and durable magnesium that is additionally enhanced with with PEEK, an acronym standing for PolyEtherEtherKetone, an innovative and very sturdy light polymer that shares some of its properties with the ceramic material used for the bezel, beautifully engraved with the Bulgari logo. Diagono Magnesium is light and resistant to scratches or extreme wear. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the watch is not only physically durable, but also smart.

Bulgari partnered with WiseKey, a Swiss cybersecurity firm, to deliver an amazing mechanism that includes various smart functionalities. For starters, you can use the watch as an encrypted digital wallet. Thanks to an NFC chip, the Diagono Magnesium is able to store and access personal information of its users – think your passwords, bank account data, and credit cards. You can manage all this information through the Bulgari Vault app installed on your smartphone. Not to worry though – the data won’t be actually stored on your phone, but held in WiseKey’s secure underground data storage center located in the Swiss Alps. Users can access that information once they unlock the Bulgari Vault app. All it takes is tapping the Diagono Magnesium against your phone. I couldn’t imagine a smarter security measure than this one. Even if someone gets their hands on your smartphone, they’ll also need your cutting-edge watch to complete the procedure. And the chance they get both are very low.

Bu that’s not everything. Bulgari claims that the Diagono Magnesium watch will also be able to unlock doors and electronic locks, serve as a boarding pass or passport, or activate alarm systems for homes and cars. To top it all, it might also work as a credit card with enabled smart payments. If these promises are delivered in the near future, the Diagono Magnesium will be on its way to becoming the first traditional watch that embraces the future of tech.

My interest in that watch inspired me to take a closer look at the Bulgari Diagono collection. Bulgari has been producing Diagono timepieces for a while now, so the brand isn’t a newbie on the horological scene. In fact, the Diagono collection is considered to be their best selling range. With the introduction of Bulgari Diagono Magnesium line and its latest product, the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph, the Diagono family is now looking toward the future.

With the development of wearable technology currently on the rise, there are many wearable devices to be excited about in 2017. For those looking for a combination of the modern and the classy, however, Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium is the fulfillment of all expectations. This elegant watch features an automatic movement, a sleek magnesium case, and a magnificent ceramic bezel. Encased in this sophisticated design, you’ll find a powerful mechanism that takes the art of watchmaking into the 21st century.

Teamed with a vulcanised rubber strap, the watch retails at US$ 4,950.

Thomas is an app developer at Ready4s and a fan of everything software, wearable and mobile-related. When he isn’t working on new apps he likes to share his views by writing tech articles and reviewing classy gadgets.

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