Embrace the Grey

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by Ian Yates, Greece | July 18, 2016

We cannot escape the ageing process, yet for many years men have been hiding behind colouring products for their hair in an attempt to at least postpone it.
But no more.
In recent years high profile figures have been swaying the likes of you and me with their mature looks of grey, and the salt and pepper look is definitely one to aim for. It is a startling fact that sales of grey colouring hair products has increased as younger men embrace the more mature and sophisticated look that is epitomised by the likes of George Clooney, John Slattery and Jose Mourinho.
In fashion, the names of the UK’s Nick Wooster and the Italian Allesandro Manfredini epitomise the look that many men over a certain age now aspire to.
It has never been more apparent that 40 is the new 30, and 50 is the new 40, with more sophistication mixed with relaxed attitudes to style being the way forward for these so called ‘silver foxes’. When guys in their late 20’s are toning down their hair colour to reflect the increasing explosion of grey hair in our media and fashion houses, then we must all take a look at ourselves in the mirror and learn to love those grey hairs that are peeking through, or in some cases, overtaking our born with hair colour.


Allesandro Manfredini, mentioned earlier, is the face of the silver fox at the moment. His bold tattoos and sharp styling should clash, but they blend seamlessly together to create an image of a man who is confident and relaxed with both his body image and style. Of course it’s easy to be confident with your body when you are a male model, but it was not always the case for Manfredini. His career really took off when he grew his trademark beard and that was born out of tragedy and a vision to reinvent himself out of a dark depression. A gamble that truly paid off in every sense.

So embrace your grey hair, learn to love that monochromatic look you see in the mirror every day. Take advantage of your genes and be confident with your style…and if nothing else, think of the money you are saving by going au-naturel!

Credits: https://www.facebook.com/alessandro.manfredini


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