Don’t Be A Slave To Time, Get Into The Slow Mindset

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by Ian Yates, Greece | February 21, 2017
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You may not have heard of Slow Watches but I guarantee that you will be intrigued by their one handed time-pieces that offer a minimalist perspective on how to tell the time. You see the people at Slow have created a design piece that functions superbly and is coupled with vintage clean lines and a simplified watch face which doesn’t even include a logo. That is kept hidden on the back.

What is also hidden behind the unique 24 hour watch face is the workmanship, artisan detail and quality of the Swiss made movement. When you consider that Switzerland is the birthplace of watch making you can rest assured that the work that has gone into your new Slow Watch is from the very best watchmakers in the very best watch making country in the world.

So what is so special about the Slow Watch range?

I for one like the fact that it is not paying any attention to the smart watch explosion that we are seeing. Forget your Bluetooth connection; who cares how many steps you take on the way to the office; let’s connect to your email to read your messages – seriously, why do we need that? The more time you spend playing with your smart watch to try and save time paradoxically costs you more time for the things that matter. Lift your face from the screen, look around, be a part of the world in which we live and take control of your own time.

In a world gone crazy over connectivity and information overload, where you are told that every second counts, the Slow Watch on your wrist will allow you to take a step back from the rat-race, to take a breath and relish the fact that time is only as important as you deem it to be. Slow Watches are a way of taking back this concept that time has to be precise. Of course some jobs require a level of precision where timing can be crucial, but for the majority of us does it really matter if you know if it is 5:32 or simply around 5:30?

There are three styles of watch to choose from at the present:

Slow Jo – with a 38mm width and 20 different styles to choose from with 6 strap options to ensure it co-ordinates with your wardrobe.

Slow Mo – the 34mm wide case makes this the smaller cousin of the Slow Jo for those with a slightly smaller wrist. The Slow Mo comes with a choice of 10 different styles and 2 strap options.

Slow O – A smooth round case that is similar in size to the classic Slow Jo that is available in 15 styles and 6 strap options.

Whichever is your Slow Watch of choice you will be making a statement about your conception of what time means to you. You will also be wearing a beautifully crafted time piece that looks as good as it feels on your wrist and it will definitely cause a few questioning, and admiring glances your way.

You can find more information on the full range of Slow watches and the inspiration of the design at their website,


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