Do The White Thing

Cool & Classy
by Lesley Hayes, on a yacht in Bequia, Caribbean Sea | July 16, 2016
Cheerful smiling young male model wearing white shirt in summer scenery

I was on the island of Bequia a few months ago for their Mount Gay Rum Music Festival. Forget ideas about festivals like Glastonbury, this was very small and intimate.  It was basically a bar with a stage set up and people milling around inside and outside. Martin Harley played, what an experience. I digress. There was a real mixture of people, locals, holiday makers and sailors. Out of all the people there one person really grabbed my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at him.  He was by no means attractive but what kept my attention was the way he dressed.  He was a short, skinny Rasta. He was dressed all in white.  White hat, long, flowing white shirt, white baggy trousers, white shoes. Bright white. Like a washing detergent advert. Really, really, hurting your eyes white. Do you get the picture?

So, ok the really, really, really whiteness of his clothes were contrasted by the blackness of his skin and the long black dreads down his back, but I started to think.  It’s so simple. Buy everything in white for a perfect capsule wardrobe. (I’m hated writing capsule wardrobe, makes me sound tres pretentious) No more worrying about what will go with what because it will all go together.

I then started to look at every man to see if I thought the look would suit them.  I’m not in the habit of staring at men, I hope you understand.  This was research. Do you know what? I think everyone can get away with it. Tall, short, fat, thin, long hair, bald, beard, clean shaven, young and old.  It has almost a spiritual look about it.  It’s clean, fresh, pure and cool. You don’t have to worry whether it suits your skin tone or clashes with anything.  Whilst it might be tempting to break it up with a splash of colour, risk it.  Life’s meant for taking risks. You will look enigmatic and people will notice you.

White T-shirt and white jeans. A white tailored suit. White shirt and white trousers. Top off with a white fedora. Keep it casual with white trainers or smarten it up with white brogues or loafers.

The downside is of course that white does show up the dirt.  That is easily remedied. Don’t do anything that’s going to make you dirty! Sip coffee from a bright white cup al fresco (you want people to see you) or just hang around looking mysterious. Saying that though, my Rasta man did nothing, and I mean nothing, but dance for the whole weekend. He was getting very sweaty and probably got some beer spilled down himself, but it didn’t matter.  That’s because he still carried it off with the right attitude, and with style.

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