by Lesley Hayes, on a yacht in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines | July 18, 2016
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It’s rude for a gentleman to ask a lady her age, so I won’t be divulging, however, I’m not as young as I used to be and tomorrow I’ll be older still.  That is one guarantee in life; we are all getting older. I also have a penchant for older men that doesn’t appear to be waning! Inevitably, given my age and my fetish for the more mature gentleman, I do come across my fair share of silver foxes. And quite right too! I’m a great believer in growing old disgracefully whilst making the most of the gifts nature has given you.

Silver hair is distinguished and suggests maturity and experience, and I’m all for an experienced man!  Plus, I do admit to having a few issues with men who try to cover up their grey. I will clarify that statement; hair that is dyed so it is very obviously dyed, as in definitely nothing like your original colour –a zany red or a cracking blue, that’s ok. But often when someone tries to hide their silver to look like their original hair colour it just doesn’t look right. And you have to make sure the beard matches, oh, and the eyebrows, and, well, basically any hair on your body. The cuffs need to match the collar, so to speak. And then you have the whole roots problem.  It’s a personal choice but I say embrace the grey because I, and many other women, are ready to embrace it too.

av_A1TW_254There are a few tips for keeping the silver fox looking foxy. Occasionally use a specialised shampoo to prevent the grey looking brassy or yellowing, especially if you smoke. Aveda Blue Malva shampoo does all this and it smells great too with the addition of cherry almond bark. It also contains sweet almond oil and other natural goodies. You wouldn’t want to use this for every wash as it does have a blue tint to it, so in-between times use a good quality shampoo that reduces frizz. (yep, grey hair has a different texture to the rest of your mop!)

Don’t forget to condition your hair to increase the shine and tame the frizz and then dress with a serum that contains antioxidants to protect against UV damage.  Grey hair doesn’t contain the melanin that naturally protects your hair from the sun so it needs a helping hand.  Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum contains a blend of kendi, nyamplung (easy for you to say!) and argan oils helping to moisturise and control frizz whilst leaving your Barnet beautifully styled.  Barnet BTW is cockney rhyming slang, Barnet Fair rhymes with hair. Get it? You could learn a lot from me.     

Style wise, anything goes but keep it sharp with regular trims. Follow these simple principles and your hair will be soft, smooth and stylish. Any woman would want to run her fingers through it. Don’t forget, it is your silver lining and as long as women like me exist, you have no fear of getting older. Embrace the grey, unleash your inner silver fox and show me just how experienced you really are!

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