Life Style
by Andrew Adam, Toulouse, France | July 20, 2016
Man with surfboard

The surfer lifestyle and fashion is one of those looks that has never lost its appeal to men. The casual, carefree hair that is sun kissed and shaggy coupled with clothes that are comfortable, sometimes ragged and yet still functional is a style that is emulated all over the world.

Surfers show their relaxed attitude in all that they do, from grabbing a coffee to hitting the gym. Why wear shoes when wearing a rad pair of flip-flops or going barefoot does the job just as well? Chilling out with a latte or Americano? Just ensure the beans are ethically sourced, kick back and make it last until the waves are ready to ride. It’s all about the attitude, bro.

OK, maybe the clothes help too, but a pair of board shorts and a tanned body don’t make a surfer. If you don’t have the time to spend all of your spare time at the beach then the first thing to do is get a decent spray tan. We’re not talking about the unsubtle orange glow of a certain Mr Trump, but a deep bronze colour that looks like you have just left Waikiki beach and headed inland for a bit of lunch. Accessorise with a simple twisted rope necklace perhaps with a small shell attached for that true beach bum look.

If you have grown your hair and managed to get it to a length where your barber shakes his head in despair, then it’s time to ask them to style it in a shag cut. If they pick up a pair of scissors then run away as fast as you can. A shag haircut is best produced with a razor where the layers are cut exquisitely to create a separation and movement that scissors just can’t replicate. Whilst you’re at your stylist, now is the time to go bold with your hair colour. A true surf buddy will have had their hair bleached by countless days of splashing around in the sea whilst under the full glare of the sun. If you are already naturally light haired…go lighter. It is all about getting that ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude to how you look that makes a surfer stand out.

OK, so you’ve got the clothes, you’ve got the hair, you rock flip-flops better than John Lennon on acid – but you have never been near a board in your life. What you need is to learn a few words of the surfing world’s lingo to make you blend in and not seem like a Barney, a Kook and hopefully not a Hodad.

For the real knowledge and to get you hooked take a look at the awesome surfing movie, ‘Endless Summer’. After watching this you will have a feel for the lifestyle, the language, the attitude and, if you’re lucky, you might just pick up the desire to drop the act and locate the nearest surf school for lessons.

What are you waiting for? Get to the line-up, avoid the men in grey suits, drop in and don’t get locked in. Happy surfing, dude.

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