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by Arvis Renckulbergs, Latvia | July 14, 2016

A few weeks back me and a few of my best friends decided it is time to free ourselves from the, somehow donnish, routine of the city life, saturated by never-ending rush of email, work meetings and half-eaten dinners (I believe most, if not every one, of you know this bitter rush), to celebrate a friends birthday.

We decided to go to countryside just outside of Riga – it is amazing, how wild and uninhabited nature can be just a few miles outside the borders of the largest city of Latvia.

To get to our chosen spot we had to make our car really sweat for it, dragging it through fallen branches and 4×4 wheel driven tire tracks, left by earlier invaders, at the end of this journey I really started feeling sorry for the car owner, not forgetting to remind him, that we would have to make it back, too.

Never mind the considerable amount of struggle, we did managed to get through with it to our promised land of BBQ, beer and nature. I will not dwell on the details of this short escape, I only want to confirm your deepest suspicions – it is good to escape from it all every now and then.

Being outside of your usual environment can give you some new revelations, especially if your group of friends include two of the most open minded, talkative and independent female friends you’ve know for the most of your life, providing an insight in women opinion in fashion.

Conversations can be pretty diverse, not sticking to the usual everyday topics.

In my everyday life I rather use my city bike then the car, to get around the town, as it is a more sophisticated and convenient mean of getting from point A to point B. Although sometimes annoyingly complicated. As proven today – a rainy day in Riga means cars will move slowly causing traffic jams, forcing you to maneuver between them, you constantly have to watch out for the careless drivers trying they best (and often – succeeding) to hit the puddle right next to you, splashing the liquid sorrow of the day all over you and making you regret your life choices (for example – today I wished I listened to my Facebook app telling me to prepare for a rainy day, instead of blunt trust to my self-encouraged sense of void luck) and, most importantly – it means do not ever try braking with your front brakes right before a crosswalk. That sent me over the wheel, sliding on my back and shoulders all across the street right in front of the amused drivers, hiding in the comfort of their cars.

img1466359081313However, when I am not bested by rainy weather, a bike ride is very enjoyable. It can build up to be one of the best moments of the day. Recently I’ve started listening to a Canadian origin rock band (that, from time to time, tend to strive a little bit into alternative Indie genre) “Metric”, as suggested by a friend while preparing for a project meeting in one of her favorite bars “Path” which is located on the most hipsterish street in our city – “The Peace street”. For a long time now, the best sound track of this band, in my opinion, is called “The Face” that comes in two parts – part one and part two. It is an instrumental piece.Try this – put in your headphones, get on your bike and go to the high-rise buildings district of your city (in Riga we have a district called “Quiet Town” – the buildings here are not particularly high, but the Art Nouveau architecture reveals to the viewer the amazing work of some of the best architects of Riga and the World), click on play on “The Face” piece and start driving around. You can loose your brakes during the first part, they don’t matter and are superfluous, the second part – that is when you dive into the music, forget about all the rest, it simply gives you a feeling of something bigger than yourself. Lets you connect with the city, the people, streets, sometimes with a specific ornament on the building or even the way the sun reflects on the edge of a brick or glass wall. This second part connects you to the city. I love it!


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