Capturing the Moment with Kevin Mullins

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by Ian Yates, Greece | December 15, 2016

Kevin Mullins is one of those rare individuals who is able to capture extraordinary images from ordinary situations; which is why he is in so much demand in his career as a professional wedding photojournalist and social documentary photographer. What is surprising to hear is that Kevin only started out in photography in 2008 when he had what can only be described as a ‘eureka’ moment. It happened whilst on his daily two-and-a-half hour each way commute to his workplace in London; Kevin was leafing through a magazine when an article on being a wedding photographer caught his eye.

‘That could be my way out of the rat-race,’ he thought.

Considering he didn’t even own a camera at that point, knew nothing about focal lengths, apertures, composition or in fact anything at all about photography, he went home to his wife, poured himself a stiff drink and told her he had quit his job to take up this new profession. Whatever may have been said during that first conversation we can forget as we fast forward a few years and see the results of what passion, commitment, dedication and a love of photography, coupled with a natural talent for spotting and capturing perfect moments in time has meant for Kevin after that brave decision to follow his dream.

unnamedIt is the following of his dream that has seen Kevin being tagged as one of the top five wedding photographers in the world and being chosen by Fuji to become one of their brand ambassadors. It is in this role that he has been invited to talk at events for both industry professionals and the public about Fuji and his own work at venues in such places as Argentina, London and Tokyo.
But whilst wedding photography, or more accurately, wedding photojournalism, is his ‘bread and butter’ you will also find his street photography a breath of fresh air to look at too. In fact you can learn from Kevin as he provides practical classes on how to shoot candid style photography at cities throughout the UK and Europe. He even holds a Rugby Workshop Special Course where he can share his passion for the game and its fans to his course delegates through photography. Did I forget to mention he used to play for the famous rugby club, London Welsh for the best part of fifteen years, so you are assured this guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to the 15 man game. He has also represented his country in Judo, but that is a story for another day.

When talking to Kevin you can see how his relaxed attitude is such an asset in his professional life. It does not matter if he is shooting a busy wedding party with hundreds of guests or talking to his peers in the professional world about the technical aspects of the latest camera design, his demeanour and attitude remain the same; a 100% commensurate professional who takes a great deal of joy and pride from the work he does.

wedding-photographer-london-5For somebody who only picked up a camera less than ten years ago, Kevin has won a great deal of awards and merits for his photography. His stunning image of the Tokyo skyline won him the coveted ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ Award in 2013 and other images from his portfolio over the years have been given merits and other awards. More recently in 2016 he was picked out by the Society of Weddings and Portrait Photographers as the members choice of overall winner in the ‘general’ category that place him at the pinnacle of his profession. But alongside all this praise, Kevin has also had his fair share of criticism from within the industry
during his early days with his candid approach. He rebelled against the invisible rules of wedding photography; you must have a close up of the wedding rings, you must stage a cake cutting sequence, take portraits of mum and dad etc… and it was this that some of the more traditionalist members of his profession did not like. In no way has this affected his approach to his work and his advice to people who want to get out there, like he did, and possibly start a new career with photography is, ‘Don’t listen to industry. Do it your way and ensure you do it the way you enjoy.’wedding-photographer-london-3

Kevin’s website showcases his excellent photography skills and gives you an insight into the man himself with a candid and honest approach that is rarely seen. Follow the following link to find out more including upcoming seminar dates or to book yourself a spot on one of his informative training courses…

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