Baxter of California – Old School in Concept, High Tech in Practice

by Ian Yates, Greece | March 30, 2017
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Californian men know a lot about the effects of the sun and sea on skin so in 1965 when Baxter Finlay started selling his ‘Super Shape’ skin conditioner it became an immediate hit. Fast forward 50 plus years and his company, Baxter of California, has evolved into one of the finest producers of grooming products for men in the world.

The original ‘Super Shape’ skin conditioner has recently been relaunched and is proving as popular now as it was for the surfing dudes of the mid 60’s. It has been improved and adapted to include Vigna Extract, AKA Moth Bean Extract, which helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles associated with ageing. Rich in Vitamin A, Vigna Extract is a natural alternative to retinols and can aid in collagen synthesis and cell renewal. The original formula that included apricot oil and caffeine is still there and shows how their origins have not been forgotten as they use science to bring their most famous and loved skin care cream to the bathrooms of modern gentlemen.

Their website is full of interesting and informative snippets of advice such as tutorials on how to perform your very own at home warm towel shave, or how to pick the correct pomade for your hair type. But the best thing about Baxter of California is that it’s a company that doesn’t always take itself too seriously; take a look at their Baxterpedia page that includes a range of WTF videos to see what I mean where they have managed to create helpful information wrapped up in a few minutes video that is sure to have you chuckling and nodding along with their advice and thoughts. Be warned tough, the WTF videos are definitely not safe for work due to the occasional colourful use of the English language!

Their products however are certainly not to be laughed at and they have a huge range that encompasses every aspect of your grooming, shaving and skin care regimen. Baxter of California also have an eclectic range of lifestyle products, like their soy wax candles and cotton blend T-Shirts for you to buy to ensure you have an all round Baxter experience. Actually I should point out that the Baxter Glossary promotes their candles as, ‘Mandles’; i.e. a man candle and also a word that is a combination of the phrases “man up” and “handle it”, like how you should mandle your shaving the right way with a safety razor and badger brush.

So if you are not familiar with the Baxter of California range and feel like a change or just a spruce up of your existing cleansing and maintenance routine then you can not go wrong with their comprehensive and exciting line up of gentlemen’s grooming products for all ages of man.

Take a browse for yourself around and you will find everything you need for your daily routine in a beautifully presented and easily accessible website. Plus if you sign up to their newsletter you can get 15% off your first order and by spending over $50 you can also get free shipping.


Credits: Baxter of California

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