The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show

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by Oskar ACKERMANN , Germany | March 14, 2017
Huayra Roadster Stand

From Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen, and the less well known Abarth to Zenvo, the 87th Geneva International Motor Show has over a hundred of the manufacturer’s latest models and concept cars all under one roof for car fans to drool over.

Of course the supercars get so much attention; who doesn’t dream of owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a wonderfully curvaceous Spyker? But the ‘everyday’ cars get their fair share of the glory too with new designs on old favourites from the likes of Ford, Honda, Kia, Mazda and Jeep amongst many others.

I have always loved the rugged off road vehicles; less Hummer and more Land Rover for me, and this year’s delight in my eyes was the new vehicle to help Austria’s search and rescue teams. The Jaguar Land Rover Hero project comes complete with a roof mounted drone to assist searchers in areas where even this mighty 4×4 cannot enter. This unique feature also has a world’s first piece of technology built in; the ability to land the autonomous drone on the roof whilst the vehicle is in motion. This feature will give rescuers crucial extra minutes from surveying a scene to getting their vehicle in position to help those people in need. With built in extra power to provide emergency electricity and a sliding floor that provides heavy duty work-surfaces, the Hero vehicle is equipped for anything that can be thrown at it.

If you are more interested in speed and sleek, clean lines then the dazzling array of sports cars that would not look out of place in the latest Fast and Furious movie will leave you looking for ways to raise the hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Euros, pounds or dollars that you require to have one of these beautiful machines on your driveway.

If you have a spare $2.4 million you may be interested in the ex Lamborghini Countach Evoluzien designer Horacio Pagani’s vision of what a supercar should be. The Pagani Huarya is truly a beautiful car, Horacio says of the design, ‘… it is sculptured by the wind.’

You can really get to feel that wind as the new Huarya is a roadster so on sunny days you can take that roof off and really let your down…or up and sideways and in your eyes as it is buffeted by the wind at insane speeds.

But I can already hear so many of you scream, ‘But what about the environmental impact of these gas guzzlers?’

Well the Geneva Motor Show is also featuring the latest and greatest of the new range of fuel efficient vehicles that range from pure electric drive, hybrids and biogas alongside extremely efficient diesel and petrol engines. There are over 30 green cars on offer from well known manufacturers such as BMW, Seat, Opel, KIA, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Suzuki and Volkswagen, amongst others.

The show runs from the 9th to the 19th March in the huge Palexpo Arena near Geneva airport so there is still time to make your way over and experience for yourself the next generation of vehicles in all their shine and glory. For more information such as how to get there, show layouts and special competitions (you can even win cars!), then go to the Geneva International Motor Show’s official website at

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